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What is Bactrim (sulfameth trimethoprim)?

Consisting in a dual combination of antibiotics, between Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim, the generic Bactrim mediation is used on a very large scale in treating multiple medical conditions such as, bacterial infections or some variations of Penumonia. Although rated as one of the safest medication for such medical conditions, Bactrim should not be administrated to children younger than 1 year old. The viral infections, such as the Flu, or the Covid-19 new influenza virus, are not to be treated with this medication as it is not suitable for such type of diseases. Bactrim comes under the form of pills, and can be administrated orally, with a healthy amount of water.

Ask your doctor about dose and therapy. Unless instructed differently, do not use Bactrim with other antibiotics. Try to use Bactrim at the same intervals for an optimal result for your condition.

Side effects of Bactrim

Although Bactrim is known as one of the safest medications of its kind, some mild side effects can occur. Research suggest that fewer than 1% of Bactrim users have short-term nausea, stomach discomfort, and vomiting during the first and thirst doses, while 0.98% experience dizziness and head problems throughout therapy.

Always follow your doctor's dosage to avoid negative effects. In case of an over dose, always make sure to seek medical guidance for further help.

Bactrim is a safe and reliable drug, however, it may cause certain side effects in limited cases. Store in a dry and cold place, away from the reach of children. Make sure the pills are always in term and never dispose in water.