Medication Synchronization

Many people from varying genders, backgrounds and ages, need to take a range of medications simultaneously to manage their health. As it is often the case with drugs, the dose, time of day and frequency is varying, making the management of one’s medications pretty challenging.

At Community Care Pharmacy, we know how challenging it is to adhere to all your prescriptions, medicines and doctor’s tips, which is why we have established our medication synchronization services.

Understanding Medical Synchronization

The term we used to refer to our program that aims to assist all our patients might sound odd or alienating to some of you. In essence, we are aiming to help you take your medicines in the correct dosages and times, as advised by your doctor. We achieve that but creating a system that takes into account your needs and creates a timetable that we can follow, so you can get all your refills and medications at the same time and once each month, by visiting us or through delivery.

What We Are Offering

Our medication synchronization program will allow you to manage your prescriptions in a holistic way, ensuring that you are adhering to your medical needs. When you reach out to us, indifferently to whether you are an existing or new customer, to enrol to our service, we will follow the below process:

  • We will get your personal details and also request information on your current prescriptions, medical background and any health issues that you might be facing. Based on that, we might need to also reach out to your doctor for details
  • Then, we will employ our expertise to find the best date that would allow you to receive your medicines and drugs on a single day per month
  • Based on your preferences, we would either deliver them to your location or we would arrange a pick up time with you

Lastly, we will always call you a week prior to your pick up/delivery date, to check whether there have been any changes and as a reminder. Our system is tested and works for thousands of patients already, so we urge you to call us or set up an appointment through email with us, to discuss how Community Care Pharmacy can help you synchronize your medications.