Transfer a prescription

Did someone recommend Community Care Pharmacy to you or did you just land on our website by accident? In any case, Community Care Pharmacy has a very convenient policy for new patients and customers who want to transfer their prescriptions with us. It won’t really matter whether you found a product that you couldn’t access before here, if our location is nearby or whether you are unhappy with the service you had received – we are pleased to have you on board.

Transferring your Prescription to Community Care Pharmacy

There is a simple process that you must follow to transfer your prescription with us.

  • Firstly, you must contact us; you can reach out by email, phone, online or simply visit one of our physical locations
  • We will require some simple information from you, like your personal details, any medications that you take and any current prescriptions that you have. From there, we will conduct the necessary paperwork and sign you up with us
  • To complete your prescriptions transfer, it might take up to three days. We will inform you when the process is completed


In some cases, you might not be able to transfer your prescriptions. Schedule II drugs for example, like Vicodin and Oxycontin, are non-transferable. Other drugs that fall under the Schedule III, IV and V, like Xanax, Testosterone and Ultram, can be transferred, but once only.

If your prescription cannot be refilled again, we often reach out to your doctor directly to request for one.

Why Transfer your Prescription with Us?

We always put our customer’s convenience and safety first here at Community Care Pharmacy. It is our duty and priority to ensure that your medications and prescriptions are readily available if you request a transfer with us. Even if we do not currently have a bank of this drug, we will order it for you. We also run thorough checks on background and other medications that you might be taking, so that interactions and side-effects are avoided. If you decide to transfer your prescription with us, make sure that you also inform your doctor so that they send your refills to the right pharmacy.