Community Care Pharmacy has been operating since 2010, offering our services to thousands of people in multiple locations. Carrying an PCAB accreditation, we ensure that our patients and customers receive the best care only. From medical synchronization services to vaccines and medication services, we can help you with pretty much anything you need.

Most of the drugs that you will ever need, you can purchase them online or by visiting our nearest location. Community Care Pharmacy collaborates with a range of warehouses and pharmaceutical companies, so even if you cannot locate what you are after online, you can reach out to us so that we order it. Below, you can see some of the health-related areas that we can help you through our available drugs:

Erectile Disfunction & Performance

Sexual related issues are very common in men and they can almost always be addressed through therapy or medication. We are offering a range of drugs that can help you battle erectile disfunction and related issues:

  • Nizagara 100mg – battles male impotence
  • Silagra – improving the blood flow in penis
  • Suhagra – assists in sexual performance by taking one hour prior to intercourse
  • Clomid – increases fertility in women, by increasing the efficiency of ovulation

Treatments Against Disorders, Diseases & Cancer

  • Avodart Generic – prostate enlargement is very common amongst men over 40s, with this drug being the answer to most of the issues caused by this disease
  • Stromectol – is the shield against parasites that can lead to various disorders, including river blindness
  • Amoxil – is widely considered one of the answers to the common flu, helping you cope with the symptoms that are often experienced
  • Ventolin – is an essential drug for patients suffering from asthma or other respiratory disorders
  • Lasix – one of the most effective tools against high blood pressure and edemas
  • Antabuse – a drug that can assist in patients trying to overcome alcoholism
  • Neurontin – patients suffering from seizures can find help with this over-the-counter drug
  • Prelone – one of the most effective treatments of arthritis, with good results against breathing disorders too
  • Zithromax – applicable to people of all ages, it can help overcome bacterial infections
  • Nolvadex – this medicine can be purchased from our pharmacy with prescription only, assisting in the treatment of breast cancer

You can order online or purchase over the counter any of the above drugs at Community Care Pharmacy. Visit us or call us for more details about our pharmacy and other services that we offer.