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Men often suffer early ejaculation. It affects almost 20% of men. It has been reported that in between 30 to 40% of men experience premature climaxing eventually in their grown-up lives. People who have issues related to PE and also would wish to last longer in bed, need to consider using Priligy tablets 30mg.

Is Priligy effective?

Priligy is the initial brand-name medicine used to deal with PE as well as having dapoxetine as its active ingredient. It is an efficient and risk-free medication. During its background, Priligy has undergone numerous experiments as well as professional trials with the reported outcomes revealing a trifold rise in intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency time. Simply put, patients with PE that took Priligy lasted in bed three times longer compared to the sugar pill group.

Generally, more than 70% of the tested patients taking dapoxetine and their partners find their sex lives to be satisfactory. This rate was lower than 10% before starting the treatment.

Priligy Pills 30mg should be taken two times per day. If you quit taking the medication, the effects subside promptly; consequently, the medication needs to be taken continually. There are light non-frequent adverse reactions to this medication such as vertigo as well as nausea, diarrhea, frustrations and also sleep concerns. These adverse effects are observed in less than 5% of people making use of the medicine.

Where can I buy Priligy?

Europe, Asia, and Latin America sell Priligy. Some countries sell it over-the-counter, while others need a prescription. In Canada and also the United States, Priligy is awaiting approval from Wellness Canada and the FDA, therefore, it is presently not readily available in drug stores.

People who are unable to purchase dapoxetine in their countries or feel too shy to get it from the local land-based pharmacy, can always order the drug through online stores. The users are strongly advised to buy either the original brand-name Priligy or high-quality generic dapoxetine from reliable manufacturers.


I would not say that I am an extreme PE sufferer but I am not the longest-lasting person either. Before trying Priligy, I used to go for about 5 minutes tops – and that required a lot of unsexy thoughts during the intercourse. This is far from perfect sex.
Priligy is great. I have been using it for about 6 months now and I am much better in bed now – bet that my wife can confirm that. I wish I started using this drug earlier though but that is a story for another day.

L. B.

Sat Dec 25 2021 23:37:22

I’m really mad at the FDA for not approving dapoxetine even though it works so well. It is a safe drug made by really big pharma players like Berlin Chemie, for example. Why the hell do I have to jump through hoops every time I need to buy it? And no insurance coverage too! The drug is affordable, I know, but I do not like buying meds out of my own pocket.
Alright, now back to the drug itself. Priligy is amazing! Honestly, I’m kinda disappointed I had to spend all these years being a loser in bed. I do not mean to brag but I can surely say that my sexual performance has drastically improved – and I’m turning 40 this year!

Subhan H.

Wed Nov 30 2022 22:49:32