Medication Services

Community Care Pharmacy is a PCAB accredited pharmacy that welcomes over 1,000 customers every week, catering to each one’s needs to the fullest. Most of our patients contact us online, as we are offering a range of gateways, including our website, email, and phone. These can also be used to book an in-person appointment, so that you visit Community Care Pharmacy to get the help that you need. In specific, we provide the following medication services:

Drugs That You Can Buy Over the Counter

Most of your needs are likely to be easy to cover through over the counter drugs and medications, without the need to visit your doctor or through a prescription.

  • You can buy a range of over the counter drugs to help you manage pain. We will listen to how you feel and your symptoms to suggest the right drugs for your problem
  • If you got a cold or are suffering from allergies now and then, we could provide a range of solutions through our meds and drugs
  • If you are feeling weak or need a healthier balance for your organisation, we are happy to take you through supplements and vitamins to boost your energy
  • Your daily oral health routine is covered completely with the products you can buy at Community Care Pharmacy
  • Contraception and hygiene products for women are also available in our pharmacy. You can purchase them online or by visiting our store
  • It is essential to keep some basic first aid kit products in your home. If you haven’t taken care of that already, please reach out to us

Services & Courses

Community Care Pharmacy is so much more than a drug store. We have organized a range of courses and services that pharmacies have traditionally avoided.

  • We can help you manage your prescriptions and meds through our medical adherence program, by helping you synchronize everything for a single pick up appointment
  • Get your flu shot today on one of our locations. Just book in advance by visiting us or online
  • Our experts can also listen to your symptoms and advise on how you should proceed, as long as you book a private consultation

For more details, you can call us at Community Care Pharmacy or email at [email protected]. Other services and product categories that we offer include:

  • Diabetic Shoes
  • MTM Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Hair Products
  • Shower/Bath personal items
  • Infant Care Products