Medical Adherence

The lack of adherence to medication is an alarming and ongoing issue that negatively impacts the US and many economies globally. Besides the economical implications of not adhering to medication, it can also negatively impact your health, which can then lead to hospital admission and increased personal costs to get better.

Knowing when, how and how much you should take of your prescribed medications is essential, which is what the term medical adherence refers to. At Community Care Pharmacy we are always on the patient’s side, trying to provide as much details on prescribed medications and helping you adhere to your doctor’s orders to the maximum.

Why is Medical Non-Adherence an Issue?

You might not even be aware that non-adherence to medication is an issue and now that you are aware you might feel like blaming the patients. That’s reasonable and justified in certain cases, but medical adherence is usually not achieved for other reasons:

  • Many patients and people in need of medication are unaware of how drugs and prescriptions work. Lack of medical literacy is the driving factor of medical non-adherence in the US
  • Side effects that often appear when you take certain medications are another driving factor of medical non-adherence. Although unavoidable, they often make the patients feel worse than prior to taking any medication
  • Lack of medical synchronization can lead to confusion, with some people who take a range of medicines failing to comply to their doctor’s advice and directions

Helping you Adhere to Your Medical Needs

By taking into account all the aforementioned elements, Community Care Pharmacy strives to keep our patients in control of everything. From the moment that you visit us with a prescription or a request, we will inform you about the dosage, effects, side-effects and frequency that you need to take your medication. We are also happy to discuss your prescription with your doctor, to ensure that you are doing what’s right for you.

If you are feeling unsure about the drugs and medicines that you are taking, you can reach out by email or phone and will be happy to help.