Generics from India

India is one of the potentially largest economies, which has steadily strengthen, thanks to the generic drugs industry in particular. Today, India is the biggest supplier of generics in the globe, contributing the 40% of US generics demand.

Unlike other sectors in India, the pharmaceutical niche is fragmented, comprising of over 10,000 different companies; many of which are turning into huge national companies.

What is a Generic Drug?

For those that are unsure about what generics are, essentially, it is the drug that is produced by any pharmaceutical, which builds upon previously existed medication. When a drug is invented, it is patented under its brand name for 20 years, turning into a generic drug after that initial period is over. The same medication might come with different generic drug names, offering pretty much the same results.

Pharmacies and doctors often prescribe generic drugs, as they always come with lower costs compared to the patented drugs. The good news is that generic drugs have the same substances as the original medications, which also have to pass the same tests.

Are Generic Drugs from India Effective?

First off, it is important to mention that generic drugs are equally effective with branded medications. In some cases, the generics are even more effective, as they come with less and milder side-effects, building upon the areas that the original drug was weak.

When it comes to generics for India in specific, those exported are reportedly very effective, as they pass rigorous monitoring processes. Sources have alleged, however, that the generics used within India are not as effective as those aimed for export.

Changes to India’s Generics

Although generics from India exported to the US, UK and other countries are safe and have to be approved by the FDA and other respective pharmaceutical supervisory organisations, legislation has been set in place to set the same standards for within the Indian market. Auditing inspectors and laws passed in the past few years are already ensuring that the Indian population will enjoy equally safe and effective drugs as those aimed for exports, which is good news for everyone.

December 20th, 2021