Switching to remote delivery by mail

As a result of the pandemic and technological trends, consumers demand for mail delivery of drugs and medications has surged. This is one of the main reasons that we also provide our services online, as we understand the needs of our customers.

eCommerce Pharmacies

Although eCommerce is around for over 15 years, the pharmaceutical sector has lagged behind due to the nature of the sector. Pharmacists have a duty to review prescriptions, advice on how to take medication and even provide advise on whether the patients need a particular medication or other. Listening and exploring symptoms cannot be done easily online, which explains why remote delivery is not as common with medications as with other products.

Need for Change

As with most sectors, consumers set the standards. The novel COVID-19 pandemic and the complete digitalization of shopping has also highlighted the need for a similar approach to the medical sector.

Consumers want speed, convenience and efficiency, which is why they have been switching to online pharmacies from their local stores. Along with the trends and the demands of our customers, Community Care Pharmacy has created processes that could get you the medication that you need delivered by mail, without the need to visit our physical location.

Challenges to Online Pharmacies

An area that has to be highlighted in regards to this change is the fierce competition that online pharmacies will enter in the eCommerce markets. If barriers and legislations continue to loosen, huge retailers and warehouses could also enter the game. Due to reduced costs and ability to offer lower prices, such companies could narrow the share of pharmacies from the overall online sales of drugs and medication significantly.

Thankfully, we can brag the most competitive prices when it comes to online drugs and medications, which we can deliver by mail, as we collaborate with a various of pharma providers to ensure that you can buy the products you need on the right price.

December 15th, 2021