Refill a prescription

Indifferently to how regularly a patient is required to take a medication, doctors will most likely provide a prescription for the first month. It is up to the patients to request a refill of their prescriptions, which is increasingly easier to perform these days. Despite the relatively standard process that is required for a prescription refill, current research indicates that one third of prescriptions are not refilled, mainly due to lack of medical education.

Getting a Refill for your Prescriptions

Most people mistakenly think that refills are conducted by clinics or their doctor. In reality, pharmacies conduct refills for their patients that need it, as long as the particular medication suggests that a number of refills does not require approval by the doctor. On average, patients can get their refills within three business days, while paper prescriptions must be brought to your pharmacy for a refill.

In Person

Before you visit your pharmacy for a refill, make sure that you also carry your insurance along, as it might cover it. If your insurance includes a co-pay option, then you will pay some of the price for the refill, with them covering the rest. When you get your prescription refilled in person, you might need to wait for a few minutes to get served.

Over the Phone

If you cannot wait in the pharmacy for your prescription refill, you can locate your prescription number, ring the pharmacy and let them know what you need. When the prescription refill is ready, they will message you to pick it up.


The most efficient method to refill your prescriptions, one that we proudly offer at Community Care Pharmacy, is the online gateway. You can use our website or app to provide your full name, birth date, mobile number, prescription name and details to book a refill. When you complete the above process, your prescription will be delivered on your location, without waiting times or travelling expenses.

If you are a new patient of Community Care Pharmacy, you should contact us to transfer your prescriptions to us. You will never again have to pay a visit to the pharmacy if you do so.