Quit Smoking

Nowadays, pretty much everyone is aware of the negative consequences of smoking on one’s life, as one cannot buy a pack of cigarettes without getting a reminder of these. At Community Care Pharmacy, we understand the challenges that are accompanied with the decision to quit smoking, which is why we are preparing a program to help you overcome your bad habits.

Our Services

Community Care Pharmacy is setting up a program to help those that want to quit smoking. Our courses will do the following:

  • Offer clear explanations on the health implications of smoking in your livelihood. We will explain the types of diseases and issues that could arise if you don’t quit smoking and clearly explain how it affects each part of your body
  • We will then present a complete overview of how your body will respond if you manage to quit smoking. Positive outcomes occur from day 1 without cigarettes, while you will also get a clear idea on the health benefits over a few years without smoking
  • Our team will present a number of tips and ideas on how to do away with smoking. Most people take the single root of just giving up smoking on a single day, but in most cases fail to achieve their ultimate goal due to lack of a complete set of goals
  • Smoking alternatives are pretty common these days, with many people switching from cigarettes to Vapes, e-cigarettes and such. We will present the pros and cons of each alternative, so you are making fully informed decisions
  • We will support your decision to quit smoking and provide you with guidance to show that we mean it. Our program ensures that you will have a person to reach out whenever you feel like smoking, while the cost for each of the above services can be free or dependent on the range of services that you will request

Drugs to Help you Quit Smoking

There is currently no drug to help you quit smoking, as is the case with most drugs that are abused by people. Nevertheless, we can provide you with the following, and others, drugs to help you battle stress and therefore increases your chances to successfully quit smoking:

  • Wellbutrin Sr is usually prescribed to treat depression, by boosting your mood and overall well-being. It helps when someone battles smoking, as it can help balance certain substances, like dopamine
  • Melatonin is naturally produced by the body, but it is often prescribed by doctors as a supplement too. It can help you maintain orderly sleeping patterns, which are likely to be disrupted when you quit smoking

The above and other solutions to your smoking problems can be found at Community Care Pharmacy. Reach out if you need help to quit smoking, while you can re-visit this page for more details in our program and services to help you stop smoking.